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KwikKold has an outstanding Efficiency due to:

Coil area
Efficiency is directly related to the coil area of the evaporator. The KwikKold evaporator is carefully designed for maximum efficiency and a even consistent building of ice.

Direct contact
When transferring heat the most effective method is obviously by a direct method of one medium to another. The KwikKold evaporator is directly immersed in the ice tank avoiding the energy loses of using heat exchangers and glycol to transfer the heat energy from the ice.

Effective Insulation
by efficient insulation to retain heat energy I both the ice system and the integrated hot water system the KwikKold system is assures efficiency where other systems fall down. In standard dairy heaters 25-30% of the energy used is just for keeping the water hot!

High efficiency scroll type compressors
by utilising the legendary Copeland scroll compressors the KwikKold can achieve a COP of greater than 3.0.

KwikKold and the Environment

KwikKold’s environmental footprint is minimised by:

  • No Glycol used in cooling or heating circuits
  • High COP of refrigeration units
  • Minimum heat loss due to efficient insulation
  • Uses Off Peak Power